Take a deep breath.

The After Bar is made with citrus-derived PureForm CBD. We're talking 0% THC, meaning your muscles and mind get all the anti-inflammatory and relaxing benefits without the intoxicating side-effects

PureForm CBD™ Provides all the same Benefits without the Complications and Risks associated with Cannabis and Hemp-derived products.

The Purest, Safest, and Most Dependable CBD Available Today.

Non-Intoxicating. No Pesticides. No Herbicides. No Solvents. Completely Free of THC.

Pushed Yourself to Your Limits During a Workout?

The After Bar's CBD will help soothe your muscles as they recover. In between conference calls and social engagements, enjoy TAB as your personal moment of respite.

Not Convinced?
Third party tested

Check out our third-party lab results to see 0% THC always


The CBD really helps my body recover quicker so I can tackle tomorrow’s workout even harder. I’m a huge fan!!

Cameron. H - Chicago, IL

Definitely shortens my recovery time so I avoid the sore muscles in the morning.

Alex B. - Dallas, TX

Environmental Commitment Through Sustainability

Relative kWh of energy to produce 1 KG of CBD*
Relative water required to produce 1 KG of CBD*
Relative CO2 emissions to produce 1 KG of CBD*
*New Frontier Data 2018 Cannabis Energy Report *Energy Use in the Colorado Cannabis Industry (2018 Report) *Nature.com: The greenhouse gas emissions of indoor cannabis production in the US *PureForm management estimates