Take a deep breath.

The After Bar is made with citrus-derived PureForm CBD. We're talking 0% THC, meaning your muscles and mind get all the benefits without the intoxicating side-effects.

PureForm CBD™ Provides all the same Benefits without the Complications and Risks associated with Cannabis and Hemp-derived products.

Environmental Commitment Through Sustainability

Relative kWh of energy to produce 1 KG of CBD*
Relative water required to produce 1 KG of CBD*
Relative CO2 emissions to produce 1 KG of CBD*
*New Frontier Data 2018 Cannabis Energy Report *Energy Use in the Colorado Cannabis Industry (2018 Report) *Nature.com: The greenhouse gas emissions of indoor cannabis production in the US *PureForm management estimates
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Third party tested

Check out our third-party lab results to see 0% THC always


The CBD really helps my body recover quicker so I can tackle tomorrow’s workout even harder. I’m a huge fan!!

Cameron. H - Chicago, IL

Definitely shortens my recovery time so I avoid the sore muscles in the morning.

Alex B. - Dallas, TX