Our Story

Embarking on an athletic journey demands not only physical strength but also smart nutritional choices. Understanding this, we've developed The After Bar, a unique protein bar crafted to fuel the ambitious goals of athletes like you.

Here's how The After Bar elevates your athletic nutrition:

Peak Performance Ingredients

Our bars are not just about taste; they're a blend of high-quality, whole ingredients chosen specifically for their recovery-supporting properties. This means you get to enjoy a delicious snack that's also fine-tuned for your athletic needs.

Tailored for Athletes

Your rigorous training and recovery needs are at the forefront of our formulation. The After Bar is designed to meet the exacting nutritional demands of athletes, providing the perfect balance of nutrients to support endurance, strength, and recovery.

High plant-based protein content

Protein is paramount. Our bars are loaded with high-quality, complete, plant-based protein, essential for muscle recovery and growth, ensuring you're always ready for your next challenge.

CBD + Protein

Understanding the importance of recovery in your fitness routine, we took an innovative step by incorporating Citrus CBD into our bars. This addition was inspired by the common challenge of muscle soreness after workouts.

Initially, our experiments led to a few rough drafts, but our commitment to your wellness drove us to perfect the recipe. Now, we offer a bar that not only tastes great but also aids in soothing your muscles, making your recovery as enjoyable as your workout.

Today's After Bar is more than just a snack; it's a thoughtfully designed part of your fitness journey.

Each bar is crafted with your health and taste in mind.

Enjoy every bite, knowing it's a step towards a healthier, more balanced approach to your active lifestyle.