WE don'T do s.h.i.t. protein bars
While the supercharged health infusion treat sounds like a joke, potentially harmful ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup, xanthan gum, palm oil, and sucralose are common in most protein bars - We're here to change that.

Refuel From Today. Recover For Tomorrow, Deliciously.

We spent years developing After Bar to ensure you get everything you want and need to refuel your body without including harmful or inflammatory ingredients.

We don't believe in sacrificing health for convenience and don't think you should have to, either.


Muscle Building Protein

Sacha inchi seed and pea protein blend together for 14 grams of vegan protein in every bar. Sacha Inchi seed is a complete protein, with all nine essential amino acids necessary for muscle growth.

Optimal macronutrient ratio

A 2:1 Carb:Protein ratio in every bar to assist with building strength and optimizing post-workout nutrition. Studies show this ratio of macronutrients may increase the rate of glycogen store replenishment and decrease muscle damage, meaning improved performance and faster recovery.



The After Bar is made with citrus-derived PureForm CBD. Your muscles and mind get all of the benefits without the risks of Cannabis-Derived CBD.

Delicious, Nutrient-rich ingredients

Antioxidant-packed ingredients like Dragonfruit, Goji Berries, Noni fruit, and Turmeric - naturally rich in vitamins and minerals. Enjoy the taste of fighting free radicals.