Kim Kardashian Talks CBD

CBD has been gaining popularity lately as a natural remedy for stress relief. Kim Kardashian is one of the many celebrities who have spoken out about their use of CBD products to help them deal with stress and anxiety.
In an interview with editor-in-chief Mel Ottenberg for an upcoming issue of Interview magazine, Kim was asked what stresses her out the most. She responded by saying "I would say anything where I’m late. I hate being late. That’s the one thing where I’m just like, Oh my god I need my CBD pen. I’m freaking the fuck out."
This is not the first time Kim has spoken about her use of CBD. In 2019, when asked by People "How do you do it all? It's exhausting", she responded with "I just say CBD. But I do. It really has gotten me through a lot." She later added: "That’s not my thing. I got into CBD a few months ago. It’s saved my life. Even to sleep at night. I like the gummies. I will just use a little bit and fall asleep [laughs]. I don’t think I would take a Xanax or an Ambien again.”
CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a non-intoxicating compound that can be derived from citrus or the cannabis plant. Unlike THC found in marijuana, CBD doesn’t make you high. You can shop our Citrus CBD protein bars here.

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