We love to hit the gym, the trails, and the road with our favorite flavor of The After Bar on hand – or all three. Here are four great reasons to pack these tasty powerhouses on the go.

Nutrient-rich ingredients

No sacrificing quality – or taste. The After Bar brings it with 14 grams of muscle-building, plant-based protein. We blend omega-rich Sacha Inchi seeds, pea protein, quinoa, and nuts in three delicious, easy-to-digest flavors. You’ll savor chunks of premium dark chocolate, bits of tart cherry, exotic dragon fruit, sun-ripened berries, luscious dates and nuts. No potentially inflammatory gluten, dairy, soy, or GMO ingredients. Just clean, safe, superfood body fuel. Charge up. Zoom on.

The ingredient lowdown

Powered recovery with PureForm™

When you eat The After Bar, 20 Mg of the highest-quality CBD connect with the endocannabinoid receptors in your body to help deliver muscle relief. Because our PureForm CBD™ is derived from citrus, not hemp, it contains 0% THC. So no need to worry about psychoactive effects or drug tests. Experience less discomfort and faster muscle recovery. Your muscles will thank you.

Get CBD-savvy

Less days off

We want to help you achieve your workout goals faster, whether you’re benching more pounds, crushing your first marathon or raising your 10K PR. The After Bar formula offers the perfect combo of muscle-building protein, unbeatable macros, and muscle-relieving CBD. That means you take days off when you want to, not because you have to.

What inspired us

Never run on empty

The After Bar’s nutrient-packed ingredients and satisfying flavors help you stay the course, from the gym to that all-important call, client meeting or intense creative session. No need to skip a meal. Stay on track with one of these tasty bars at your fingertips.

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