The After Bar™ brings you whole, plant-based ingredients with tastes and textures you’ll crave – and nutrients to amp up your post-workout recovery.

  • PureForm CBD™

    100% PureForm CBD™ made from naturally-occurring citrus terpenes which are non-hemp derived.

    About Our CBD

  • Almonds

    Almonds add a light-buttery flavor and delicate crunch to The After Bar flavor trio. Protein and fiber-rich, almonds yield vitamin E, magnesium and other nutrients.

  • Blueberries

    Sweet, tasty blueberries are royalty among antioxidant fruits, bearing highly concentrated polyphenol flavonoids, including anthocyanins, which offer proven health benefits. In a study of female athletes, blueberries appeared to speed muscle recovery by reducing oxidative stress to muscle tissue.

  • Cherries

    Luscious cherries create an abundance of protective antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamin C, minerals and other beneficial nutrients as they grow. Cherry anthocyanin compounds counter inflammation and help mitigate muscle damage.

  • Coconut

    Delicately sweet coconut contributes its exotic flavor and nutty fruit, rich in beneficial oil, fiber, carbs, and manganese essential for metabolism. The medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) in coconut have become the go-to oil for athletes, as MCT are rapidly absorbed for energy use.

  • Cranberries

    Fiber-filled and deliciously tart, cranberries enrich our antioxidant blend with vitamins and minerals, like Vitamin C, manganese and copper, and beneficial polyphenols including quercetin.

  • Dark Chocolate

    Dark chocolate satisfies cravings for its distinctively complex taste and ability to release mood-enhancing serotonin. The darker the chocolate (as in The After Bar), the more the beneficial flavonoids. Research reveals that dark chocolate increases aerobic capacity, helps reduce inflammation, and restore glycogen post-workout.

  • Dates

    Taste the subtle caramel sweetness of our dates. Their natural fiber adds a soft, chewy texture to all three of our blends, as well as potassium, iron and B vitamins.

  • Exotic and delicious, nutrient-rich dragon fruit boasts low calories, high fiber, magnesium and several antioxidants that specialize in protecting cells and fatty acids from free radical damage.

  • Ginger

    Ginger root, also a source of antioxidants, helps reduce inflammation and has been used with success to relieve muscle pain, regulate blood sugar, and calm digestion. Ginger lends a warm, spicy-sweet flavor to our blends.

  • Goji Berries

    Known to promote immune function, these tiny fruits have long been used in traditional medicine for their antioxidant properties.

  • Matcha Green Tea

    Our ceremonial grade tea can hold its own with dark chocolate due to its complex, aromatic intensity of flavor. Lush with antioxidants, L-Theanine, and some caffeine, matcha supports workout recovery by enhancing endurance, energy, and metabolism.

  • Noni Fruit Powder

    Revered by Polynesian healers for centuries, noni fruit brings high antioxidant content, essential vitamins, and minerals to our berry blend. Studies indicate that noni fruit enhances endurance for distance runners and has successfully reduced inflammation in study subjects.

  • Pea Protein

    Yellow peas make an exceptionally bioavailable source of plant-based protein that is also hypoallergenic, digestion friendly, and an excellent source of iron. The perfect muscle builder.

  • Pumpkin Seeds

    Not only do pumpkin seeds add a tasty crunch to The After Bar, they contribute zinc and three super amino acids, all of them essential for revving muscle restoration, growth, and performance, and for lessening post-workout fatigue.

  • Quinoa

    Held sacred by the Incas, quinoa is a grain seed high in protein and complete with all nine essential amino acids. Quinoa also boasts generous amounts of fiber, magnesium, B vitamins and other beneficial nutrients and antioxidants.

  • Raisins

    More than just dried grapes, these naturally sweet, fruity and potassium-rich nuggets help to quickly restore muscle glycogen post-workout.

  • Sacha Inchi

    Another star ingredient, nutrient-dense sacha inchi protein comes from large seeds native to South America. Lauded for their ability to refuel the body, sacha inchi provides omega fatty acids, high fiber, vitamin E – and an easy-to-digest complete protein containing all nine essential amino acids to rebuild muscle.

  • Sea Salt (in Vanilla Fleur de Sel)

    Our exquisite Fleur de Sel (“Flower of Salt”) comes from the finest sea salt, harvested for its excellent flavor and rich mineral content, essential for replenishing electrolytes post-workout. The perfect complement to our premium vanilla.

  • Turmeric

    A staple of ayurvedic medicine, termeric has has gained fame for its potent, beneficial curcumin content. Recent scientific research confirms that it supports the body’s natural inflammatory response and may be helpful in relieving pain.

  • Vanilla

    Complex and aromatic, vanilla’s warm, floral, yet smoky flavor, adds a rounded sweetness to all our blends, especially merged with fleur de sel, our premium sea salt, to harmonize ingredients.