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Military Monday: Expand your shirt sleeves with the ‘Arm Expansion’ plan

Growing your arms is actually pretty simple: Isolate your biceps and triceps with curls and extensions (respectively), hammer these moves from Logan Carpenter with volume and intensity, and make sure you’re pounding protein the rest of the day. Repeat weekly. (And don’t forget to train all your other major muscle groups!)

This arm prescription has worked for Air Force Security Forces member Logan Carpenter, and it can work for you, too. His “deployment inspired” work is below.

Featured Trainer: Logan Carpenter is currently stationed in Grand Forks, ND, serving as an Active Duty Air Force Security Forces member and acting unit trainer. While balancing the life of being a father, accomplished powerlifter, and active duty service member, Carpenter is also an ambassador for Bravo Sierra, Bare Performance Nutrition, and the Get Better Today Brand.

Equipment Needed: Dumbbells, EZ-curl bar (and plates), preacher or incline bench, cables. (If training at home and/or you don’t have this equipment available, the workout can also be done with resistance bands only.)

Time Commitment: Around 30 to 40 minutes.

Post-Workout Nutrition: When you’re done with the workout, you’ll want some protein and carbs shortly after to kickstart the muscle recovery process. One intriguing (and convenient) option is The After Bar, a unique CBD-powered, plant-based protein bar that boasts a favorable protein-to-carb ratio specifically designed to be consumed after training. It tastes great, too.

Workout Overview: As we showed you in one of fellow military athlete Aaron Marks’ recent workouts, the biceps and triceps are great for supersetting because they work in direct opposition (biceps flex the elbow, triceps extend it). But each of them individually also responds well to a specific type of superset: the compound set.

compound set (as defined decades ago by M&F founder, the late Joe Weider) is two exercises for the same muscle group performed back-to-back with no rest. Meaning, two biceps exercises, or two for triceps, as opposed to pairing a biceps and a triceps move (a traditional superset). Compound sets are great for targeting an individual muscle, particularly if it’s a lagging body part, as the rush of blood and pure exhaustion encountered in that one area can translate to a boost in size and strength.

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