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5 Thoughtful (but Last Minute) Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate dad.  Something that can make dad feel special is passing down traditions and tips with his children.  

Often shaving is a rite of passage and we have all seen the touching photos of dad shaving with his boy next to him emulating his every move.  Those are the memories to cherish forever.

Book of Good Grooming Gift Set Volume 1 – 18.21 Man Made, $45, includes:

  • A lavish 3-in-1 wash – the luxury, all-in-one 18.21 Man Made Wash does the work of three products—offering fortified shampoo, sumptuous conditioner, and addictively great-smelling body wash that gently cleanses and locks in moisture
  • A detoxifying cleanse with the Detox Bar in Sweet Tobacco – activated charcoal powder draws impurities out of the skin, while a sensational lather soothes and cleanses. This black Detox Bar soap will help treat acne of the face and body and is perfect for using in conjunction with or in between uses of our Man Made Wash
  • Sweet tobacco scent – inspired by jazz clubs and speakeasies, our original scent smells alluringly of saffron, dark-toned vanilla and tobacco.

Pomade – 18.21 Man Made, $24, is ideal for smooth, sleek styles. The formula is a high-end, water-soluble blend of wax and elastic fibers, it tames texture and allows you to separate hair for a frizz-free, high-shine classic structured hairstyle. The superior paraben-free formula provides touchable, malleable hold and won’t leave a greasy or flaky feel.

If you bond over sports and baseball, you’ll want to pick up something to level up your next trip to the park. PROHITTER, $12, is a grip-technique-facilitator and bat-sting eliminator, that creates faster bat speed which allows for all batters, including the +70% of all Major League Baseball position players, to hit for higher average and more power.

Looking to breathe a bit easier? Enter airKAVE, $299, the portable air purifier now approved to combat COVID-19. Unlike other purification devices that aim to collect harmful pathogens and do not actually destroy them, Plascide® micro-lightning technology kills viruses, bacteria, and mold—without the need for filters. It is compact at 3.3 inches (W) x 1.8 in (L) x 7.2 in (H), but powerful.

If dad is into fitness then The After Bar, $54.99 (12 bar pack), should be on your list. This muscle recovery powered by plant-based proteins and non-hemp derived CBD.

What are you picking up for dad this year?

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