For me, the decision to create The After Bar was a need, not a choice. When I began my fitness journey, I knew little about nutrition. I replicated the eating habits of my peers, consumed by the idea that protein content was the only metric of health. For years, I was relying on tasteless, artificial, high-protein bars for my recovery — and I always craved something more. As I began to educate myself on how to properly fuel my body, I quickly learned that there weren’t products on the market that aligned with my goals.

Driven by a passion for physical and mental health, I decided to create my own functional bar. By combining science-backed nutrition, natural ingredients, and PureForm CBD, The After Bar was invented: a one-stop recovery for muscles and mental health.

We’ve crafted a bar that puts nutrients, taste, and functionality at the forefront

The After Bar today is the culmination of years of research, sweat, and experimentation. It was born from a need to approach health from every angle.

The After Bar isn’t just a recovery tool. It’s a tool that redefines recovery.

Blake Godlove, Founder