What is a recovery bar and what are the benefits?

Our Recovery bars are formulated to replenish muscles, prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and refuel the body, thereby speeding muscle recovery. The After Bar combines 14grams of plant-based protein with 20mg of muscle-relieving CBD, so muscles rebound stronger and recover faster – making it the perfect muscle recovery protein bar.

Can The After Bar be eaten as a meal replacement, as well as an alternative to other energy bars?

The After Bar’s recovery-enhancing macros, nutrient-packed ingredients and satisfying flavors provide enough fuel to keep you energized and satisfied in between meals. It contains the ideal carb to protein ratio, and is soy-free, gluten-free, and vegan, making The After Bar the better protein bar alternative.

Do I need to work out first to eat The After Bar?

Of course not! We love The After Bar for the sheer joy of eating it. The After Bar can be enjoyed at any time by anyone for its great taste and superfood ingredients. It’s easy on digestion and packed with nutrients. Other great times to enjoy an After Bar are as a meal replacement, breaking fast, or simply satisfying that mid-afternoon hunger.

What does “Non-Psychoactive” and “Non-Hemp derived” mean?

A non-psychoactive substance will not produce profound mental effects, such as changes in perception or behavior, or significantly impact cognitive abilities. Our non-psychoactive CBD will not trigger positive results on a drug test.

“Non-hemp derived” in the case of the PureForm CBD in The After Bar means that we derive our CBD from citrus oils from orange peels, not hemp, making it non-psychoactive and always completely free of THC.

What is THC and will there be any trace elements in The After Bar?

THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive compound found in marijuana and hemp, varieties of the cannabis plant. It is THC that gives the sensation of being high. The CBD in The After Bar is extracted from citrus, not hemp, so it is always 100% free of THC.

If I am given a drug test after I eat The After Bar, will I test positive?

No, The After Bar uses PureForm CBD™, derived from citrus, not hemp – so it contains zero THC and no psychoactive ingredients.

How can the CBD in The After Bar be CBD if it’s not derived from hemp?

PureForm CBD™ in The After Bar is bio-identical to CBD derived from hemp, so it has all of the same benefits, even though it’s sourced from citrus oil from orange peels. Our CBD is molecularly identical to hemp-derived CBD and provides the same benefits for the body, without the side effects of some of the components in hemp, like THC, giving it distinct advantages over hemp-based CBD.

What testing do you do on your CBD?

To ensure our CBD is consistent of the highest quality “pharmaceutical grade” and among the safest, purest in the industry, we use third-party testing labs for each batch. PureForm CBD undergoes intense testing to confirm it is ALWAYS free of heavy metals, pesticides, or solvents.

How do I know if I should eat the entire bar and do I need to eat the whole bar in order to get the full effect?

The recommended serving size for The After Bar is 68g or one bar to obtain the full effects of the bar.

Why are there 20mg of CBD in each bar?

The After Bar’s 20mg of CBD is the optimal amount to help relieve muscle fatigue.

Where can I find The After Bar and how can I order it?

You can order The After Bar in our online shop.